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Since early days hunters began to understand the impact of the natural events on their hunts productivity. Sun, moon cycles and phases have been strongly linked to better feeding time as described by John Alden knight back in 1928 as "Solunar Theory". However, his research was not broad enough and did not take into consideration other aspects such as weather parameters.  With advance technology now a days "kaif al jaw" team has been able to come up with new fishing prediction. This method by using your location it calculates the best fishing times for you and it increases the chance for you of happy fishing times. Also, the app would provide you with the needed weather parameters and instant tide information. 

Our Values

  • Fishing Is Better with Buddies

    Plan your trip with kaif al jaw

  • Fishing Responsibly

    known the weather conditions ahead of your trip prevent any surprises

  • Fishing Smarter, Not Harder

    with our fishing prediction method you will be able to spend more quality time

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